Creating the New Story of You

Seeuatnoon Mindfulness Coaching brings out the authenticity that resides inside of every human heart. R.A. Leslie and team work on the individual, group, and corporate level to help people and culture thrive.

Corporate Coaching

Seeuatnoon Mindfulness Coaching develops thriving, connected workplace communities through activated programming. Led by R.A. Leslie, our team takes people on a journey of empowerment, self-expression, and success mindedness. Our proprietary workshop series combines creative tools and mindfulness practices in a supportive and joyful environment. Together we transform company cultures by building employee self-esteem, employer empathy, and company-wide engagement.

Corporate Coaching Can Include:

• Women-focused programming

• Team building to nourish communication and connection

• Leadership skills and empathy building

• Inclusivity and mindfulness exercises

• Value building talks

Individual Coaching

R. A. Leslie works with individuals to take them on a journey of empowerment, self-expression, and success mindedness. She combines her creative tools and mindfulness practices in a supportive, joyful, and productive environment to help clients rediscover their true selves and calling.

Sessions are completely tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. Individual coaching can include:

• Navigating romantic relationships, marriage, and divorce

• Uncovering personal myths, obstacles, and triggers

• Exploring corporate and creative career changes, as well as entrepreneurship

• Leaning into the art of journaling, meditation, and self-expression

• Exploring depression and anxiety and its causes

• Mastering one’s self image

• Learning how to authentically, successfully, and lovingly communicate in a digitized world

• Balancing the mind and the heart

The first individual session is an in-depth evaluation of client’s history and objectives. The first session includes a summary follow-up email and text messages with affirmations and directives.

Hourly sessions are geared towards guiding the client to a new way of thinking about their life’s objectives and together creating a lifestyle that will welcome reward and balance in all areas of their world. 

Other packages include:

• 6-week remote coaching (via Skype and email)

• 3-month remote coaching (via Skype and email)

• 6-month remote coaching (via Skype and email) 

• 12-month remote coaching (via Skype and email)

• Comprehensive 30-Day Intuitive Coaching

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