The Leaving...

The Leaving

He is packing his bags

(for his De-part-ure)

He is leaving Some Place

Where he has never lived.

(He’s been there his entire life…)

He does not realize that his bags have

No-thing(s) in them.

Still, he packs them—anyway.

The –same-bags-for-the-same-trips



(He has never taken the time to look

inside his suitcases to see how they held no


She is packing the same bags too. Hers are filled-over-flowing-

(with things she thinks she can take with her.)

 but she cannot.

She is stuffing in all of her beautiful and costly

(S o r r o w)

She is trying, shoving things deep into the corners of her

V a l e s e—searching

to find



so she does not


She cannot recall where she placed It.

(and it is troubling her.)


She cannot find what was never had.

They are leaving, together/behind/memories

That never existed.   Where they are going,

is Un-Clear

(They think they are being practical.)

But this flight has no

Landing Point.

There is no destination because they are not going any

Place Real…

(so when that clock is about to strike  12 and that noon train is approaching around the bend; the tracks are laden with golden bricks, pointing in a Direction and your life is asking you:  Decide, Decide, Decide...what will you do? What will you do? race for the train or the track? ;) )

Holy-Days, Holidays & then there is...

Carl Sagan!

"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is--then to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."

Whatever holiday you have celebrated this week or are still celebrating, let us all remember that there is a fine line between what is true for us and what is true for the universe.

(trust me:  the universe cannot be fooled...)

The costumes and rituals have their own place as do the beautiful cathedrals and temples. However, lurking behind the clouds during the day and the stars late at night is the true Ring Leader & Magician: The Master of the Macro World.  And we should all count our-lucky-stars too, for we, yes, all-of-us have that same spark of magic to lead and create an enchanting little world inside of us.

When we do?

 We get to bring our micro world (or mini world) out into the macro world and make a masterpiece out of our lives!

Make this holy week and Holy Day  a Michelanglo day! Create! Create! Create! = Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece!

The Practicality of Love

" I caught the happy virus last nightwhen I was out singing beneath the stars. It is remarkably contagious-- so kiss me." Hafiz

Science holds a theory that Romantic Love has a life span of approximately twelve months and no longer than eighteen months.

When did love become a scientific equation? Perhaps therein lies the error.  What would Rumi think or Hafiz or Dickinson?  Does love have duration?  Sometimes what we think is love is actually a symptom of something completely different.  Twelve months, eighteen months or twenty years might be how long it takes for some of us to realize that what we had was a habit or something careless, inconsiderate, hurtful or simply a matter of lust and we thought it was--something more.  Lust without love is empty and fleeting, no matter how we might try to rationalize it.  Habitual relationships can disguise themselves as romantic until we break--the habit and take some distance to look into what we thought we were feeling.  Perhaps what many people experience as romantic love is actually an attraction to something that is latently familiar and familiarity can be everything except love.

Love is personal and surprising.   It cannot be planned, organized or--learned.  When we least expect it, when we are not paying attention, that is when love happens.  That which scares us, embraces us, wholly and without warning. We want to run toward it and at the same time away from that which has reign over our hearts.  For some romantics the love fever removes even cravings for--chocolate.  The aroma of flowers and their encompassing beauty, pale in comparison--to that whom we now love.

Yet we live in a world of  "possessed" love.  Since love cannot be learned or possessed, what is it that we feel the need to control? And why?

We live in a world of "repressed" love.  since love cannot be suppressed what is it that we are trying to prevent from setting free? (Our raw exposure to our feelings?)  

We live in a world where we fear what we want and need most of all--love.

How is it that the very thing that sustains us could be--feared?

Love frightens us because it-makes-us-feel (everything.)

Flowers and chocolate are easy. (especially today!) Smell good. Taste better. (But real love is scary.)

Flowers are pleasing to the senses.
Chocolate is sweet and satisfies us without having --to expose us.
(and we can hide behind it.)
(same with sex.)
Sex is less complicated than love because we can escape through the body, where love enters our heart and weaves itself--all-the-way-to-our-mind...
Containers are most useful when empty:  cups, caldrons & The Mind.  But the heart is only useful when it is full--of-giving.  Overflowing--with love.

Our heart is vulnerable and porous.  (when opened)

(It is also practical--we see this in The End. In the end we see: Only Love Mattered.)

Our mind is "reliable"pro-tec-tive...and it is costly too. 

(Especially to our heart.)

Our mind is the greatest escape and the most reliable stealer of truth.

Do we really want to lie to ourselves?

(Don't listen to your mind--especially on Valentine's Day.

Listen to your mind, only when (your-heart-tells-you-to.)



The (Post) Holiday Season

The Season always seems to arrive and depart as a surprise to many of us.  "Where did this year go?" We often hear, but don’t we hear this--every year!? I wonder:  If our lives slowed down (just a bit) every day, perhaps we would say something different when this time of year rolls around. Maybe we would no longer think or feel, "time flies", instead we would say, "what time is it anyway?” and we would respond with a resounding, “—oh yeah, it is Now!”

Now is the only time we will ever be able to experience and even then it is so fleeting and illusory that as we try to hold on to it, it too will slip through the very fingers that try to grasp the un-graspable. We are living in an age where we are beginning to appreciate how, now, is the only time that is real.  When we are aware of the transiency of time then we can see that we have a choice in what we do with some of our “now time”.  We can laugh and be happy knowing that we have a choice in the extent of the absurdity in how crazy-busy we allow our lives to get! In fact, we-can-choose to slow down.  We can pause and revel (naturally) in right now. Yet for some of us, while we live in a “free country”, we do not feel we have any command over our day, our time or any amount of real authority over the relationships we willingly participate in; thus our lives.  It is as if our lives are as unpredictable as the weather and that Who We Are is reminiscent of Global Warming—we never know who or what to expect each day, separate from our route routines.  Our lives, and the busy-ness of them become a whirlwind of this festive season as It wraps us up into this endless state of Celebratory Chaos.

Instead of feeling as though we are being dragged and looped around into oblivion by some natural disaster, with a different perspective on our lives we can better navigate some aspects of it, to a degree.

This time of year reminds us that we can still lasso our lives and change what is not making us happy.  Yet year after festive year, many of us resist change;(makes us uncomfortable.)  Fear of change keeps many of us hostage, cocooned caterpillars only dreaming of a colorful, winged life! (Dreaming-of-a-colorful-winged-life…) While the possibility of growth is alluring for some, needing to change our ways has little if any real appeal. The smart caterpillars soon realize that without change, suffocation ensues (and all the brave, little caterpillars fight, with all their might—for Flight!)

Every year, at this post holiday time of year, it is fair to say that some of us look into what is moving our lives in an upward/forward and positive direction.  Post holiday is also when we reflect on what and all that is dragging us into that dark, unexplainable, repetitive Vortex of The Every Day Stagnation of our lives… When the Vortex is not a happy place of upward motion, modifications to our world can happen, and bring to us a brighter place of Now.  However, when we resist the necessary changes in our lives to propel us to that joy, it is usually due to the physical and intellectual inertia and fear of the necessary transition for growth.  (When we do not resist what we know needs shifting, the river of our life is a steady, more pleasant flow, rather than a tumultuous current.)

Each one of us knows, intrinsically, what prevents our Joy every day and when we settle and accept that which hinders our happiness, we feel the sadness in our hearts. We feel how we are literally blocking ourselves from living a happy existence. (and a happy existence is what we are meant to have!)  When we resist--the natural movement of life—life will eventually force us into altercation with ourselves, thus inevitable alterations within our lives will occur—sometimes when we least expect it. These altercations I have seen every so often with myself. I used to “look the other way”, when just the thought of change exhausted me, until I saw how the cycle of life is forward movement. I learned, rather harsh lessons whenever I did not move with the natural current of my life.  The unpleasant Vortex of my every-day stagnant routine, would hurl me up like a tsunami and my world and I could not resist its unraveling.  Eventually I got the hint and would heed The Calling, "Hey You, this segment of your life is not benefiting you, you need to do something about!" And so I’d let go of the trying to demand certain aspects of my life-to-go-the-unnatural-way-of-resistance, when I knew that resistance of any kind was not necessarily “the best way”.  I learned, through exhaustion, that surrender was the same as “the path with least resistance” and that path was the most natural.  We need to know what to hold on to, what to let go of (and whom) and then understand what things and events in our lives that are within our control.  When we understand this balancing act and are able to implement its teachings into a system that creates happiness, then –Life becomes a state of Flow rather than the unnatural Vortex of Resistance so many of us stay stuck in.

This is a significant time of year.  It is when we feel our most deeply--if we take the time to recognize how and if we feel at all.  (Wished for Aha Moments are summoned here!)

It is the time of year when we are our busiest and at the same time we throw ourselves with abandon into the routine of lights, sales, gift-wrapping, and the Memory-Telling-of-the-stories-of-our-lives.

It is the time of year where we Let Go of what we know we cannot cling to in the coming New Year:  Loved ones who have passed on; relationships that are more of a bad habit than they are lovingly reciprocal.  We toss out the old and bring in the new from our closets to our attics—to-our-loves.

This is the time of year when we might think:  Are we truly happy?  Even the Dali Lama had to prove that happiness has scientific benefits! (Do we always need science, statistics and media coverage to know what truths lie in all of our hearts and bodies?)

Could Christmas time and the New Year, bring out in us what we miss, what we love, what we still want, what-we-still-dare-to-dream? What-we-are-grateful-for? What meaning our life has or has not?  Could all the lights and fanfare and folly of-this-Season really be nudging us to take-a-closer-look at what and all that is important in our lives--the sub-tle-ties and memories that haunt and adorn the Christmas trees?

At this time of year isn't a resounding p a u s e in order?

It is a time when we hide Who We Truly Are and wish for that Some One Special to Un-Wrap all of us--expose us to ourselves and to them. (perhaps even to everyone.)

This is a time of year for hope and happiness and wish-ing for those we loved who have now gone, (to-come-back) just for the holidays, just for their gift of presence in our lives.


This is the time of year—we can all make a Special-Time


We can make all of our time, the time for remembering; for caring; for loving--for being; for giving and for, forgiving-of ourselves and of others.

This is A Time to RememberNow…

Beautiful Flowers ='s Our Lives

Remember: when we are born, our lives are intended to be magical. Magic, Awe-filled, In-spiring, Happy, Rich, Exciting and filled with L O V E... If, as adults our lives are less than so, then there have been fundamental Laws in the universe that have not been adhered to. When these fundamental laws have been broken, the current state of our lives is conflicted with the appearance of Beautiful Flowers, surrounded by suffocating weeds. Treacherous storms are imminent...

(and we wonder and we wonder and we wonder--how-will-we-survive?)

The goal? To not to lose sight of the Flowers or the Sun. (they are both always there, even if we cannot see them.)

Take an objective step back in your day and observe what areas of your life need trimming (or protection) So long as we breathe, possibilities are unlimited.

When we find the courage to rethink our lives, and take action, our lives not only rethink their outcomes, but we end up with a pretty amazing Garden, sunnier days and fewer storms...

Life, is not arbitrary or random, per se. Just because we do not comprehend the Higher Order and Intention of Life, does-not-mean-there-is-not--O.N.E.

The more awareness we fill with our days, it becomes incomprehensible to not see how that Higher Order exists in our every breath, our every action and within the very seeds we "randomly", unconsciously, or intentionally plant, for our lives.

So, for today, think, feel, breathe, act in accordance with the beauty you wish to see and experience in your life. Our lives can (are) become The Magnificence we all wish to become a part of.

(Sooooo, when that Clock is about to strike 12 and that noon train is approaching around the bend; the tracks are laden with golden bricks pointing in a Direction and your life is asking you: Decide, Decide, Decide...who are you going to listen to? Your heart or your mind? What will you do? What will you do? What-ever-will-you-do? You will (!) plant only Beautiful Flowers and you will grow, and you will grow, and you will grow all-the-way-in-to the very Magnificence you Seeded...The very Magnificence that you-already-are...)

Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle...

The history of others does not have to belong to you—this is an important lesson:  The Horror that others bestow on you and the bad experiences with them does not have to be your lot in life…


(So don't allow the horrible lives of others to become yours.)


Every generation has heard, "History repeats itself." This can be true when we do not change the course of our childhood interpretations/misinterpretations and learn to make and create the New Story of The Life We Call Our Own. We, the adult children born from the “Whatever Syndrome’s Family Tree", do not have to carry that syndrome into a new family tree for the next generation(s).   We can plant new and healthy seeds, seeds that will sprout beautiful gardens, filled with brightness and love.   Deep inside of our beings, no matter the turmoil or violence we may have been raised with and endured (our private hells)—lies the invincible Thread that whispers our undeniable truth.  If we can find that Thread that has been tampered with, pulled at and even broken, we can sew ourselves back into the beautiful being we were born to become.

Over the years, none of the terrible things that Well Meaning Others said would happen to me--happened. The bad things that did occur were created out of a past understanding of what I was told to believe about my life and myself. (you too.) When we unconsciously allow the old stories to replay themselves out in the present, we are not able to stop the recurrences of trauma and drama in our current lives, thus our existence becomes a perpetual state of Out of Control, (that we try to manage, nonetheless) which can leave us with paralyzing anxieties, eating disorders, all kinds of abusive relationships and an overall core dysfunctional beliefs about ourselves.  These beliefs are cleverly masked and present themselves in an array of patterns.  They are so deeply rooted in our psyche that we can spend our entire lifetime trying to escape the destructive, often subconscious memory pattern that prevents us from living a happy, functioning and--feeling life.

There are a variety of interpretations we carry throughout our lives that may go unidentified. Some we can become aware of, however, there are choices we make in an unconscious state that will affect decades of our lives, even when we become cognizant of them. When this happens, we need to brace ourselves and embrace the world we helped create, no matter how unpleasant it may be. When we do this, we surrender any blame and any state of "victimization", or more accurately: we free ourselves from past trauma, simply by understanding that no past has to become our present and that history can also be interpretation.  With this understanding we can choose to reinterpret the past with new and mature clarity that presents positive possibilities rather than a gloomy prospect for our life.

When we realize what "bad" not to attract into our lives we literally put a halt on the recurrence of a history that cannot only destroy us, but has the potential to sabotage the future lives of unborn children.   Awareness and realization does not mean we are necessarily finished with dealing with our past un-pleasantries, it means that we take full responsibility for not allowing more of the same negative situations into our current life.    Directed imagination helps us to erase the horror of the past and create a vision for a happy future that is all of our birthright. (So start dreaming!)

Childhood can only decide how our destiny plays out, if we are bystanders and not active participants in the courses and paths we dare to envision and pursue.  Whether we have fond memories of our childhoods or not, memory,  is not the determining factor in the outcome of our adult years. Having idyllic, formidable years is no guarantee of a Happy Ending (and we all know we want--that happy ending!) What determines our "outcome" is how we deal with our daily life, without digging up the past and without chasing the future...

Could much of the confused and conflicted adult relationships we see and have be a result of unresolved trauma from childhoods? Freud, Sartre, Jung, Mary Poppins, Dorothy, Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel and countless others might agree that our past determines much of our lives. However, traumatic memories or not—how we choose to see each day  can either be catastrophic or triumphant.

And rather than dig up a past that serves no real or healthy purpose we can stay in the moment and in this moment we can discover something that creates awareness and in that aware state we can gain a glimpse into our past, see the connection, right the wrong and move on. Revisiting the past is not necessary, however, if it presents itself in the present, looking at it and casting a light on to it can heal and free us in ways we did not imagine.  Remember:  Even the smallest amount of light will cast out any looming darkness.


*     *     *     *    *

Sometimes The Cards you were dealt in life were stacked by Blood. 

Sometimes what was supposed to be the –face-of-love, was actually the face of Terror and Fear. 

But The Dealer’s time is up. (They were caught c h e a t i n g… they were caught  l y i n g)

and y.o.u, yes(!) y.o.u. are in charge now: 

Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle!

 Leap out from under the old deck and deal yourself a-new-hand!

 One where your chances of winning are in your favor!

(Poker Face! Poker Face! Poker Face!)

 (This post is dedicated to the beautiful Miss. M... who will undoubtedly Capture this world with all of it Horror and Wonder and make it a better and richer place, because she will not allow the Nightmare of others to become--her own... y.o.u. are loved.)



Awareness Saves...

(Letting Go Frees!) Life can be defined in many ways, but often we interpret our life by the relationships we have with others. Professional or personal, these relationships can leave us with questions, mixed messages, sadness, unemployment, unhappy marriages, insincere friendships, debt, etc...

Relationships are a result of conscious and unconscious choices we have made throughout our lives and when we are not happy with any one of them, we spend lifetimes trying to "re-choose" what we have erroneously chosen.  Some of these relationships  have us feeling like prisoners without a "bailout".  The list is endless of how and what we have devastatingly created with these individuals (and ourselves) that encompass our personal and professional worlds.

When we stand outside of each relationship/illusion, we see how we wrap ourselves around them, entangling ourselves in the world of others and how they "become" the definition of Who We Are--through them.  We create various  People Webs that reel our days and weeks chaotically into what sadly becomes--our lives. Before we know it, we have been spinning in this Entanglement we call our life, without knowing that The Insanity is of our own fabrication and creation!

Yet, we do have options and we can take a step outside of our days for a brief moment and we can choose to become aware--before we go crazy.

When we become aware of what is crazy, we will let the crazy go...


When we let go of all and whom is Insane (we will move on.) When we move on? we-never-look-back.

Because we do not look back? We get what lies in front of us:  The Moment. (and in this very moment we are aware. We are free--we are unencumbered...naturally)

And with freedom and awareness? We have the opportunity and option to make different, more conscious choices which in turn will  recreate a web of new relationships, filled with goodness, love and compassion. The kind of web we all want to get stuck in. (forever.)

just because...

just because we know great disappointment in our lives does not mean The Wonderful can't still happen(to us.) Just because we are afraid and have big, over-the-mountain-top fears, does not mean we will not overcome them. (maybe even today!) Just because our hearts have been broken, does not mean we cannot still... (Love) (hearts don't really break, they just spend too much time, sometimes--in the wrong heart...) Make your life great-- (just because)

Today's Focus

Remember: Imagination is not the same as delusion.Happy feelings do not mean you are crazy. Judgment is always a reflection of some aspect of how we feel about ourselves. (Criticism is the same....)

Love wears many faces and can be expressed in different ways. If there are rules on how (or whom) one should love--then is it love?

Living life de-lib-er-ate-ly  is not the same as living life spontaneously.  One is natural, the other is forced.

Enjoy your (!) perception of your life and life itself! So long as you don't harm yourself or others, how you see the world can make or break your day.

Make this day a Michelangelo Day! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece!


For today try to enjoy the time you are able to not talk. It can be meditative and informative. Silence will pull information from the past into the present and thus create awareness for positive change. Silence also helps us to be cognizant of unnecessary dialogue. When we become aware of the value in our silence, suddenly "speech" and dialogue take on a new interpretations.

With every word we utter there is a silent gap, whispering to us, "edit, edit, edit...hush, hush, hush"--and so, if we pay attention (awareness) with this new understanding of silence and speech, then what we think, what we feel, what we say and do not say, will fuel us rather than deplete us...

aahhhh The Practice!

So, when that Clock is about to strike 12:00 and that Noon train is approaching around the bend; the tracks are laden with golden bricks pointing you(!) in a Direction and your life is asking you: decide, decide, decide...who are you going to listen to? Silence & your heart? Or, the chatty speech and busy-ness of your little mind? (only time will tell.)

When One Belives The Lie...

  the dream and dreamer--die.


(two poems inspired from my classroom observations)


*     *     *     *

Your Own
I Am the
You Dreamed me to be
But did not


I Am the
That disappeared
After the Lullaby you sang to me
Each night that I
Cried myself to sleep.


I am the Dose—one too many
That over did me and
The Two of You.


I was the Spark and the Flame that Burned with
and made you
Proud to call me Your Own.


But when you didn’t see me looking, I caught a Glimpse of the Two of You.
You Modeled me a Picture, I followed to a T.
And so, the Who of You I turned into, was never supposed to be…


My dreams have Died.  Now you sit by my side.
(the ventilators keep me breathing) yet I am not really Here.


Still, I can feel
Your tears wet my withered flesh.


And you sing to me
One Last Time…
The Lullaby from when I was still
*     *     *     *
(Sweet 16)
I am a
10th grader.
Gender, unrecognizable to my
Perhaps to you as well.
Do you See Who I Am?


(I don’t either)


I want to cry, but I forgot


I am constantly castigated with depraved, yet familiar voices; adamant
Faces, crowding and raping my
Voices. Faces.  The Albatross around my heart, keeps me from


I am only 16 years old.  Struggling in a Society that holds no room for autonomy,
Only antipathy and


(emerson knew this too)


I am a 10th grader.
I want
The Self-Reliant kind.
I am a Barrage of feeling-less


If I could remember what it felt like to not be
I guess I would know that I was


I crave to be seen with
Candor, Ebullience and


If I could see All that I Am
Without the Noises, faces and Words—
Who Do You Think would be revealed to me?
(you are right.)


I would be…



Copyright © 2004 by R.A. Leslie. All  rights reserved. Contact R.A. Leslie @ for further information

Feet in The Sky-- Head on The Ground

My mother spent the better part of my childhood reminding me to come down from way-up-There.  But Up There is where I felt most at home. Often, I think about the times my mother used to repeat herself endlessly throughout my childhood, "Rosanne get your head out of the clouds." So I did and wrote a fairy tale about all the forgotten children who lived—in- the- clouds.
Every day I contemplate the concept of dreaming and remember Einstein’s words, “Logic will take you from point A – point B, but imagination will take you everywhere.” Countless Others have said similar things with different words. I have a feeling that those very Others lived what they spoke.  When you take thoughts and form words and then put them into action you gain experience. (We all know this. But how many of us practice what we speak, think or hear?)  Was Albert Einstein a perfect blend of lofty and rational?  Maybe so, for he used his imagination with the precision of Rational & Creative—Heart & Mind thinking and feeling!
                                                                                                       *     *     *     *     *
Day-dreaming can be a useful tool, if the day-dream is guided every day as a part of our routine. Eating a balanced diet, exercising our bodies is as important as exercising our minds and our imagination.


                                                                                                 Feet in the Sky. Head on the ground.
                                                                                                                     (a new concept?)
“Head in the clouds” metaphorically has always been synonymous with daydreaming or frivolous, wishful thinking. We’ve all heard the old saying, “keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your head in the clouds.” Meaning:  hold the vision but keep yourself firmly rooted in the earth.  However, if we really think about this statement, it could mean the very opposite.  Where does the importance lie with our feet on the ground?  When we think of being grounded don’t we mean our head/mind?  When I was a kid, I learned how to combat the challenges I was faced with and how to overcome fears—through daydreaming and an active imagination. As an adult, being able to harness and direct my imagination has helped me tackle everything from childbirth through divorce and then single parenting.


Haven't we all, at times in our lives reinterpreted the messages of others? In doing so we can create our own analogy and understanding of “how life really works…”  But why set limits? When we remove the clouds from our vision we see how we can have the entire expanse of the sky!
(And the sky is for running!)
By taking our head out of the clouds sometimes and peeking around, moving them out of the way, we can discover the world with no boundaries! When we take the time to look with our eyes wide opened, we see The Rainbows; The Possibilities, The Dreams, for all of us.  The accessibility of the possibilities are vast and endless!  When I saw all that I could have and how limitless was the sky, I immediately knew: feet in the sky—head down below. And with my Feet Up There I could cover so much more Ground. Buddha said, “Be like the sky—open, free.” There you can run, skip, walk and dance, while your head and mind—firmly planted on the ground can take care of all of life's "non-Sense"!
Why do we listen to the “practical” Non-Sense of others? The ones who say with-confidence, "the chances if your dreams coming true are one in a million..." and they might be right, but there is that magical word: O.N.E. and that one in a million can also mean y.o.u, after all there are plenty of “Ones” out there doing exactly that!
Feet in the sky? Head on the ground?  Metaphors and dreams, when thought through, can actually take flight in the concrete world.  The mind combined with imagination creates miraculous events we thought and dared only to dream about, but never actually imagine could come true.  The timeless space, all that is intangible, holds the key to our wishes.  The cloudless sky is where all thought, all imaginings begin and take root. The ground is for thinking, the sky is for running and dreaming and visa versa. Be Flexible. Utilize both worlds with your heart, your mind and your body.  The glass is not one or the other: half full or half empty. It is a glass with some water in it. Period.  Thinking “outside of the box” is a silly and pointless concept!  (There are plenty of Outside The Box Thinkers who are dying because they are living inside of the very box they are thinking outside of!) Live outside of the box or you might as well forget about your meaningless thinking! Headwork only matters when you bring the thinking thoughts to life!
Planes start on the ground, travel through the sky and return to the ground—viewing their destination via the cloudless (and sometimes turbulent sky) See the route clearly with your mind’s eye and then run for the heavens and There you will find your dreams and everything that matters. Be like the birds and the butterflies. Start down and work your way up!
Our minds and feet need the equal journeying in both worlds. Perhaps this is true balance not one dominating over the other but rather, a blending and right timing for both:  The Earth/Our Mind; The Sky/Our Heart and Feet, no clouds, no fears—no NonSense.
So for today: remember: words need feet! And those feet need to move. Not just move—run and there is no better place to run free than the sky!
(Try it sometime, First Flight…)
So, when that Clock is about to strike 12 and that noon train is approaching around the bend; the tracks are laden with golden bricks pointing in a Direction and your life is asking you:  Decide, Decide, Decide...who are you going to listen to?  Your heart or your mind? How will you travel? Plane, Train, Feet in the Sky?
Will you change your life’s path?
(only time will tell...)