Did you ever notice why Hafez or Rumi

don’t have any 21st century competition?

(I will tell you)

Wink. Wink. Without emoji’s.

Their hearts were pure.

There was no technology—then.

They looked for inspiration from the only place it really exists:


There was stillness then.

Shhhh….hush.hush and you will hear a gentle sigh filled

With all that is sacred…

(Without EMF/cell tower interference)

Inspiration was not fabricated, manipulated, copied or



The soul was organic

Like the way organic was organic—then

Our soil was—good.

Not tech savvy and GMO suffocated



Did you ever notice?

How random acts of kindness are no longer


Did you ever notice? 

How Children don’t seem to play their drums just for the sake of

Playing their drums or sing songs just to hear the range of their voices?

Play used to be—fun.  (Then)


Fueled by Fear, Greed & Fame

We are missing out on all that is powerful, beautiful and sacred.

Fueled by Fear, Greed & Fame

We will never experience the true joy of what it means to be alive, to understand love

And to experience the gift of what and all it means to be


We can not go back to then, but we can watch ourselves and ask important questions and remember who we truly are, what is important, what is good and what does it mean to be alive, happy and whole—without the need for Greed, Fear & Fame.