Coaching a Lifestyle of Happiness with R.A. Leslie

Our lives begin with stories and dreams inside of us, waiting to be discovered and brought into the world. So often childhood messages—and life—conflict with those dreams, sending us on a trajectory that pulls us farther away from our true selves.

Life coach R.A. Leslie created the Seeuatnoon coaching model to bring out the authenticity that resides inside of every human heart, which is the most sacred part of who we are. It is that quiet voice that speaks to us of love, of dreams, and of hope.  

When we listen to that inner voice, our true stories emerge. We rediscover our dreams. We discover who we are. And then we see our dharma, purpose, calling… our raison d'être.


This mind-expanding and enlightening fairy tale will take its readers on a courageous adventure with a Princess Who Can See Forever. Through catching her star and holding on to it, Princess Sorella Coraggio learns how to combat fear and preserve her gift of vision. Readers will discover how each of the five hearts that the Princess carries around in a thorn basket will make their lives more fulfilling. Do You Know The Sound of Throwing Stars Far? Has been written with a focus on providing the means for children to gain a sense of purpose in their young lives through protecting and nurturing themselves. Princess Sorella Coraggio guides children and grown-ups and shows them that by believing in themselves, magic will happen.By understanding the five colored hearts and by catching their star, children for generations to come will see how they can overcome their fears and follow their & dreams.


Chasing Rainbows presents its readers with a meditative, memoir-fairy tale romance in letters, through fiction and non-fiction narratives. The timeless theme offers lessons on how to use the gift of change as a way to live authentically, thus honoring the wisdom in our true selves. When we are honest with ourselves, our minds open to the innocence and intelligence of our hearts and life becomes more alive. Yet, often life’s daily circumstances and environment harden us. We find ourselves in relationships that are far from happily-ever-after as we continually search for answers to questions that frequently leave us disappointed. Through the insights of the protagonist’s correspondence to her beloved, Santiago, Little Warrior shows us the transformation we go through when we trust the inner wisdom and intelligence in our hearts. We see, through her eyes, how disappointment is transcended into understanding, unveiling the simplicity and purity of an Honest Love, rather than something to be coveted. Chasing Rainbows is a personal and universal inquiry on the importance of aligning our hearts with our minds, providing us with the essential key to conquering the internal battles within ourselves.


When we are little girls and boys we learn what love is and is not by how we are treated from our caregivers and society. The messages we are given might tell us one story, while the actions from our caregivers and society show us another. There is a moment in our lives when suddenly we realize that we are no longer children and our adult lives become a barrage of abusive, physical and verbal attacks, by the reckless hands and voices from others we are supposed to be loved by. We find ourselves in relationships, professional and personal that seem to model the same hurtful feelings we had as children. These “When”, stories honor the hopeful child in each of our adult selves. From this day on may your “When” story begin each chapter with you rewriting your days with new beliefs, beliefs that honor the best and happiest version of the person you were born to become; the hero and heroine of your life. A New Story where you create your Happily Ever After.