Los Angeles

A Moment Lasts Forever


It was an interesting visit.

Coming from LA I thought I would be cold.

Instead i found that i was

(Briskly happy)

I thought I was moving to Topanga a month ago.

Every day I learn the importance of staying ‘open’ to life

( and all of the secret ways it tricks us

(— into ———change.)

We think we get married and all will be well.

(Then we get divorced...)

We think there is safety in a job or in a lifestyle and then we find...


We think we can plan and have that plan work out.

(And then we see ‘working out’ isn’t what we thought it would be)

So we run..

(Toward freedom)


(It is courage to live a life of our own beliefs and not the beliefs of others)

opinions too...(in the end? Theirs-just-won’t-matter)

We think we love someone only to find it was



In our heart—

(if we are lucky)

We remember

A Someone

Who made us feel


A Someone who made us feel


If we can remember:  this.

We will know that we have


A life

Well lived...

(Even if only for)



(We never forget:  a moment lasts forever...)