The Preciousness of (Y.O.U.)

There is a(Preciousness) in the world and all that which is precious-- is you is Me is--We.

We are all (that) valuable... and we are more than the videos(we)take too much-time-out-of-our-precious-lives to watch (and not) participate. Because (we are so busy doc-u-menting) the very lives we should be... (living) We are more than the perfectly posed Selfie's. And no matter how adorable we need to feel (these self-images) are not images of our (True Self) These digitized imitations (Limitations) do-not-de-fine Us or who we truly are. And there are so many (reels)to choose from! These snip-its and cleverly calculated "filters" cannot and do not convey who we are (authentically) to (others) viewing (without) en-gaging. Unlike the (precious) sun (it's-just-A-screen. There is no real warmth). It's-just-A-background-light) Bright and blinding. (No real comfort) We cannot see, up, down and all-around. And aren't we all too isolated anyway? Technologically close Tangibly at bay That Screen--shields us from ourselves. (From others too.) Instead of turning the camera on ourselves, why not reach out to another fellow human and have them do the clicking-this-one-time! They cannot be far away and if they are? Get outside and find someone to relate to and (hug-them). Ask them to turn the camera on you ;) break free from The Screen Invite another into your (real world) you never know-- you might just make a (real friend) hashtag#oldschool (but golly, so worth it!)