The Bucket List for Intimacy...

Intimacy is the fun and lightness of being.  Yet why does it seem that so many fear it?  000056660034

When relationships are solely based on a technological bond, we are left fragmented, distracted and conflicted.

 When we are not filled with the spontaneous act of face to face, heart to heart loving, seeing and feeling The Other we love-- our hearts become contradictions tangled in our minds with technological disarray and busyness eroding it.

When the heart goes unattended and the environment in which it is communing with is being seduced by the Liquid Crystal Displays of our daily lives, much of love will go unrecognized and sadly, unfelt.

Cellphones can be instrumental in conveying love in an emergency, "Love, are you ok?" "yes, but I will be late..." They are exceptionally helpful in a disaster and even can assist in saving lives.  But cellphones  are not meant as a conduit for the sole communication of serious matters of the heart of any relationship.

Yet the text messages are becoming the norm for the starting of romances, the breaking up of romances and even the reuniting of them.  Can their be a happy medium?  Can we set rules and boundaries for this rapidly new way of relating?

What kind of relationships are we hooked up to, either technologically or emotionally?  Are they positively charged and physically and emotionally uplifting?

Behind the tough exteriors of men and women today, young and old, is a sensitive, ageless and timeless center, a core that wants and even craves--real, (tangible) love.

Below is The Bucket List of Intimacy.  (May you be one who dares to traverse the magnificence of its depths.)

Intimacy is...

Surrendering to each other.

Moment by precious moment.

Being Known.

(best kind of love)

Mornings, waking up--together


(Before getting out of bed)

Whisperings in The Language

(of Together-ness)

Jumping off The Great Precipice of Life, feeling small and tall--and not being afraid!


Eyes locked (together)

Hands clasped, tightly (together)

Discovering Life's Mysteries through each other's eyes


Sharing of thoughts, fears, desires


Holding each other, closely, tenderly as if this moment is the first and the last you will have,


And in the end?

Intimacy is once again Surrendering.

The Letting Go--of love--of life--

(together).  Knowing that being alone, without The Other

is the greatest sadness of not being--



(this post is dedicated to all of my Find Me comrades who bravely dare to swim in the uncharted waters of face to face and heart to heart encounters with, The Other.)