The Beauty in Belief!*

Belief can be like gratitude.  You might think you don't have much or many and then you realize that you have a great deal of beliefs that you are grateful for! I recently asked someone to list their beliefs for me.  Instead of hearing their response, I decided to list mine.  This is a good exercise to do every now and again, for as we evolve, our soul grows and  some of our beliefs may no longer hold the same truths for us.

Sometimes beliefs can be like a promise we feel we can no longer keep.  (It is ok to believe in new things...)

The below beliefs have remained consistent over the years with what I am grateful for.

I believe in Love--because love is really all there is, once  we peel away the layers of everything that is its opposite.

I believe in heaven and earth--just makes sense. The earth is below my feet and I am grateful that I can still feel the ground below them. And heaven?  For me,  heaven means there is something other than what is concrete and tangible, perhaps even--magical.

I do not see heaven as a"place" after our feet permanently leave the ground. I see heaven as the space and place that is all around us and above us.

(Just because we cannot touch something does not mean that is is not there or that we cannot feel it.)

I believe in forgiveness. Forgiveness, like love, heals as well.  Mostly forgiveness heals the forgiver.  (Sometimes it is best all around if we just forgive--ourselves.)

I believe in giving. When we give of ourselves, we become a beautiful example of what it means to be human.

I believe in equality.  With equality, there is no right or wrong way of being. We see each other at eye level, which is the Ultimate Vision.

I believe in unity. (Wow.) What a concept! United, unified, integrated, not separate--whole. You totally win The Race with that one!

I believe in faith--namely, faith in one's Self.

I believe in autonomy.  Autonomy is a wonderful thing to believe in and something worth  having as a goal.  When we are autonomous we can remain open to the views of others, yet stay true to ourselves.

I (really) believe in the first amendment---yak yak yak :)

I believe in the beauty and idea of Hope. I love the word hope! Hope to me is like a wish and a prayer.  Wishing, hoping and even praying are ways to uplift ourselves or others. ("I hope, wish, pray you feel better! I hope, wish, pray that you win that race! I hope, wish, pray you feel alive--every day!)

Who or what we pray, hope or wish to is up to us.

I believe in dreams, for without dreams and dreamers we would have no hope!  Think about it:

When we see those living out their dreams there is an excitement (or envy) inside of us. That Dreamer dared to live their dream (belief of themselves) and to watch their actualization also gives us hope for our own dreams and wishes.

I believe in action.  (even when that action is still.) Action is a great thing to believe in and to be grateful for.  Action promotes change, and without change there would only be stagnation.

I believe in Peace. (Peace reminds me of how the earth and life existed before Greed ravaged it and man forgot he was a vital part of some greater whole.

Peace reminds me of what Faith, Hope and Love will always be. (A Trilogy that can save humanity.)

* this post is dedicated to the Sorceress of Past, Present & Future. May she discover the magic in her beliefs!