On The Stage We Call Our Lives...


Remember:  we are all jewels of the Infinite.  But we are also jewels of the present and physical world and our reality is reliant on what and all we are infinitely thinking and becoming. 

(Pay attention and make yourself committed to being a deliberate thinker!)

None of us are ‘better’ than the other.  We see and interpret differently—that is all. Same paintbrushes painting personal and universal  masterpieces on a canvas we call Our Lives. 

Unity consciousness means we/all life is unified holographically.  So the images you see in your mind or dreams or in your transcendental frolicking’s are moments and collections of cosmic data specifically playing out and interpreted by y.o.u.

That-is-all (and it can be enough.) 

Remember: your ‘local’ experience and events you call your life are experiential only to you.  The Story of LIfe is but one, but we each have our own version of that story. (In sharing your story we get a glimpse of ourselves in you...)

Keep dreaming.  Keep waking up. Keep on, keeping on...

Art by www.EmeraldEon.com